Organisational Development

You would like to seize the opportunities of digitisation and international markets for your organisational development? Develop new products? Adapt distribution channels and production processes? Or implement new leadership and management structures during a period of growth?

Together with yourself and your leadership team we will design customized development processes which actively engage our employees.

Strategy Development for New Markets and New Opportunities

We help you with the diagnostics of the status quo and the need for action, we develop strategic options and work with internal teams on the chosen issues before putting in place measures for implementation together.

Managing Innovation Successfully

We support you in creating good organisational foundations for innovation success, we develop and evaluate ideas, establish innovation projects and teams using agile Lean Management methods – and we make sure there is a smooth transfer to implementation in Action Learning Teams.

Leadership and Cooperation

Is your business organised in such a way that everyone knows what needs to be done and ressources are used efficiently? Together with you and your teams we clarify roles and responsibilities with room for manoeuvre and guidelines for working together which foster motivation and organisational learning.

Personnal Management and Development

We support you in the development of potentials and the retention of your employees, the true value creators of your business success.  With individual development interviews, management by objectives, coaching, staff training planning, management of health and wellness in the workplace and concepts for flexible work organisation.

Team Development

We can help your teams work together effectively for business success. We clarify goals, tasks and processes, model effective team meetings and introduce an active feedback culture. It’s not the individual contribution which counts but the good interplay of the different personalities and team roles.  We reflect these on the basis of Belbin’s tried and tested team roles model.

Conflict Moderation and Mediation in Organisations

As systemic organisational developers we can support you in dealing with  conflicts between different elements of the organisation (work flows and processes, functions, hierarchical structures, individuals and groups, cultures) according to the development dynamics of the organisation and in digital change processes.

Facilitation of Strategy Sessions,  Leadership Circles and Workshops

As skilled facilitators we can support the effectiveness of your work in groups: With a clear structure,  systematic visualisation and with a professional steering of communication processes.

Action Learning

We facilitate solution-oriented professional exchange and support the implementation in cross-departmental teams – to foster sustainable organisational learning.

Subsidies for Organisational Development

Professional organisational development doesn’t have to be expensive. We can call on an extensive  network und work with many funded consultancy programmes, which subsidise the consultation, coaching & organisational development of businesses.

We would be pleased to look for a suitable programme for your needs with you and support you throughout the application procedures.

Do contact us – a first conversation is free of charge!